About Us

1912 Theodoros A Zoumboulakis opens an antiques shop in Athens. Specializing in rare artworks and antiquities, the shop becomes well known among the collectors of the period.
1960 Continuing the tradition, the Zoumboulakis family expands its business to 3 Kriezotou Street.  In a customized space at this address, they begin to exhibit the work of the generation of the 30’s; including Tsarouhis, Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas, Nikolaou, Moralis, Tetsis, and other significant artists of the period.
1966 Tassos and Peggy Zoumboulakis open their first contemporary art gallery at 7 Kriezotou St. They exhibit, among others, the works of artists from the generation of the 60’s, who at that time were on scholarships abroad, such as Fassianos, Tsoklis, Pavlos, Akrithakis, Kessanlis, and others. The gallery’s association with Alexander Iolas begins, bringing the work of De Chirico, Μatta, Lallannes, Rauschenberg, and Man Ray to exhibition in Greece for the first time.
1973  The Zoumboulakis Gallery takes a radical step for a gallery of that period, opening a new, 450 square metre exhibition space at 20 Kolonaki Square, in the nerve-centre of Athens. This massive space is the first of its kind in Greece, offering artists a state-of the-art venue for the display of large-scale works, and attracting a broader audience to contemporary art.
Takis, already well-known abroad as a sculptor, inaugurates the gallery with a stunning array of his most important work. Chryssa follows after, with the first Greek showing of her massive, world-renowned sculptures.
  A new cultural age is dawning in Athens, and the Zoumboulakis Gallery bears the hallmark of a new era.  Through Iolas, important foreign artists are becoming known here, whilst the Zoumboulakis Gallery is forging collaborations; with the Denise René Gallery in Paris, the Beyeler Gallery in Basle for a Picasso exhibition, and with Gimpel Fils in London.  The Gallery hosts such spectacular exhibitions as The Neorealist Movement curated by the art critic Pierre Restany, and  Mirrors of the Mind  which was curated and introduced by the poet and friend of the Gallery, Nicolas Callas, and many other events of note.
Contemporary art is ever-increasingly a part of the lives and homes of Athenians. A new, internationally aware spirit is spreading, also affecting interior design. The number of art lovers and collectors is burgeoning, and new ideas are taking hold.
1995  The Zoumboulakis Gallery acquires an additional exhibition space, off Pireos Avenue, in the emerging cultural district of Athens. A former factory, it is transformed by the architect  Theodore Zoumboulakis into a multi-purpose cultural space capable of hosting exhibits, concerts, theatre performances and happenings.  Particularly notable are exhibits examining the coexistence of the contemporary with the old, placing carefully selected timeless objects in conversation with  modern works. These exhibits prove immediately popular with the Greek public.
2000 Daphne Zoumboulakis takes over the management of the Kolonaki Square Gallery. Artists from the generations of the 80’s and 90’s  join the Gallery. In 2007, the Zone D project is established to mount exhibitions outside the gallery spaces, showcasing new trends in contemporary art.
2007 With the opening of Art-Design-Antiques, a new proprietary space at 6 Kriezotou Street, the Zoumboulakis Galleries continue to expand and diversify. Here,  contemporary art coexists with the past and the future, towards a genuine aesthetics of interiors. There is no pompousness here, none of the manufactured luxury of the urban mindset;  instead this approach is original,  and informed by an artistic sensibility. It proposes a different, unpretentious way of life; timeless, rooted in quality, imagination . . . and humour!
The Gallery forges collaborations with international companies, such as Established & Sons, Astier De Villatte, Magis, and others. Such timeless, harmonious works as the innovative table/sculpture Aqua Table by Zaha Hadid, and Phillippe Starcks’s Baobab desk are introduced to the space.
The architectural firm responsible for all Zoumboulakis Galleries spaces is www.zoumboulakisarchitects.gr