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Nikos Alexiou (1960-2011)

Born in Rethimno in 1960. He studied in the Vienna School of Fine Arts and the Athens School of Fine Arts.

Solo Exhibitions
"San Marco di Venezia 2010", Zoumboulakis Galleries, ATHENS
''The End'', Museum of Byzantine Culture, Thessaloniki, Greece
"The End", Zoumboulakis Galleries, ATHENS
''The End'', F. Heitsch, Munich, Germany
"The End", Curator Yorgos Tzirtzilakis, Greek Participation in 52nd International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia
Solo Exhibition, Unlimited Contemporary Art Gallery, Athens, Greece
Solo Exhibition, Lola Nikolaou Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
Solo Exhibition, Gallery 3, Athens, Greece
Solo Exhibition, Athens Art Gallery, Athens, Greece
Solo Exhibition, Gallery 3, Athens, Greece
Solo Exhibition, Gallery 3, Athens, Greece
Solo Exhibition, Gallery 3, Athens, Greece
Solo Exhibition , Desmos Art Gallery, Athens, Greece

Group Exhibitions
2009 Celestial Contrakt, Cur. by Christina Mitrentse and Jonas Ranson, Schwartz Gallery,
         London Expanded Ecologies, Cur. Daphne Vitali,emst, Athens
2008 Captivated by Bakhchisaray, Bachchisaray, Crimea,Bakhchisaray State
         Historical and Cultural Reserve / Moscow Museum of Modern Art / The
         State Museum of Contemporary Art Thessaloniki / Contemporary Art
         Center BM (Istanbul) / Gallery "Collection" (Kiev), Cur. M.
         Tsantsanoglou, B. Madra, O. Lopuhova, O. Bayshev Athensville, Parallel
         Plan, Art Athina 2008, cur. M. Fokidis Games without Frontiers,
         Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens, cur, T, Stathopoulos
2007 Disco Coppertone, Locus Athens, cur. Maria Thalia Karas & Sofia
         Tournikiotis, OLP Piraeus
         Heterotopias: Recreation maid in Greece, 1st Biennale of Contemporary
         Art Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, cur. T. Stefanidou The Workshop -
         locus Athens, Zouboulakis Gallery, cur. Maria Thalia Karas & Sofia
         Tournikiotis, Athens
2006 Apolis, Hellenic American Union, Athens, cur. C. Velonis Totems of the
         City, Underground Station, Chalandri, Athens, cur. T.Moutsopoulos
         22 Winter Festival Seragevo, Hotel Evropa, Serajevo, cur. C. Petrinou  
         23rd Biennale of Alexandria, Benaki Museum, Athens, cur. C. Petrinou  
         The Scarecrow, Institution E. Averof, Metsovo, cur. Ο. Danyilopoulou
         An Outing, L. Beltsios Collection, Trikala, cur. S. Bahtsertzis
2005 23rd Biennale of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt, cur. C. Petrinou  
2004 Athens by Art, Athens, cur. C. Petrinou Aus der Ferne, Aus der Nähe,
         Aus der Mitte, Galerie Françoise Heitsch, Munich, Aus der Ferne, Aus  
         der Nahe, Aus der Mitte, European Patent Office, Munich, cur. F.
         Heitsch, M. Poalas Breakthrough! Greece 2004, Sala Alcala 31, Madrid,
         cur. K. Gregos, D.Zacharopoulos, S. Papa
2003 Outlook, Athens, cur. C. Joachimides
         Deste Prize 2003, Deste Foundation, Athens The Pioneers, L. Beltsios
         Collection, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thesasaloniki, cur.
         D. Zacharopoulos Free Transit(!), Zappeio, Athens & Porto Caras,
         Halkidiki, Greece, cur N. Argyropoulou Sketching Out Today, Tommorow,
         Yesterday, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thesasaloniki, cur.
         L. Tsikouta
2002 The Pionners, L. Beltsios Collection, Kalambaka, cur. D. Zacharopoulos
2001 Glossalgia, Hellenic-American Union, Athens, cur. M. Stefanidis & N.Argyropoulou
2000 P + P = D, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thesasaloniki, cur.Y. Tzirtzilakis
1999 P + P = D, Deste Foundation, Athens, cur. Y. Tzirtzilakis
1998 Greek Artists - Quests 1950-2000, Centre for Contemporary Art,
         Rethymnon, Crete, cur. M. Maragou
1995 Alexiou-Varotsos-Totsikas-Tsoklis, Mayia Tsoklis Gallery, Athens
1994 Magasin, House of Cyprus, Athens, cur. A. Von Fürstenberg
         International Meeting of Sculpture, European Cultural Centre of
         Delphi, Delphi, cur. S. Papa
1992 Spira 1, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, cur. S. Papa Egoism, House
         of Cyprus, Athens, cur. K. Stavopoulos
1990 Borderline 80-90, Municipal Art Gallery, Athens, cur. M. Stefanidis
         Itérations, Fondation Danae, Pouilly, France 2nd Minos Beach Art,
        Symposium, Minos Beach, Agios Nicolaos, Crete, cur. D. Koromilas
1989 Revolution, French Institute, Athens
1988 5 Greek Artists - 30 Works, Salle de Conferance de la Communaute
         Europeenne, Brussels, & Laiterie Centrale, Strasbourg, cur. N. Misirli
         Meetings, Highlights, Conflicts, Municipal Gallery, Athens, cur.K.Stavropoulos
1987 Jeune Sculpture 87/1, Porte d’ Austerlitz, Paris 3rd Biennale of Young
         Mediterranean Artists, Barcelona, Spain, cur. S. Papa
1986 2nd Biennale of Young Mediterranean Artists, Thessaloniki
1985 5th Biennale of Sculpture, Skironio Museum Polychronopoulos, Megara

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