20 Filikis Etaireias sq (20 Kolonaki sq)
1 Orestou str. & 37 Agathodemonos
Art Shop 6 Kriezotou str
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Contemporary Art 20 Kolonaki sq
Past exhibition

Adaptation conditions

Moschos Nikos

Zoumboulakis Galleries present Nikos Moschos’s solo exhibition “Adaptation conditions” on Thursday, February 13th, 2020 at 8 pm. He will present acrylics on canvas and works on paper, created during the last few years. The main question in this body of work is the adaptation procedure in… Read More
Multiple Event Loft Pireos

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The multi-purpose cultural space at Pireos has now been open for some years. Home to themed exhibitions, it has become an institution and a gathering place for the art lovers and collectors of Athens. EXPLORE THE VENUE BOOK NOW
For more than a century, we have been telling the journey of Art through objects filled with stories and bringing modern Art to the homes of Greece and the world.
Our Latest News

The interview with ”The Skateroom”

How did the idea of The Skateroom come up? It all started with an art gallery owned by Charles-Antoine Bodson in Brussels. Charles had a collection of around 4,000 skateboard decks and at some point he met Oliver Percovich — the founder of the award winning…


Art for Change | Skate campaign

Art for Change is a campaign which supports an award-winning international non-profit organization named Skateistan.

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