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Poulantza Natassa

Poulantza Natassa

Natassa Poulantza was born in Hannover, Germany (1965). She currently lives and works in Athens and Berlin. She graduated (1992) from Athens Fine Art School’s Painting department under Professors I.Dekoulakos and Ch.Botsoglou, while attending the Etching workshop where she studies Wood Engraving, Brass Etching and Lithography. She held postgraduate studies (1992-96) at the Munich Academy’s Painting department, on the “Meisterschuele” title, under Professor Jurgen Reipka, on Sp.Vicatos three year’s scholarship. She is a member of the art group “Provo Principles”.

Selection of works


Poulantza Natassa

“It Is All Lies”

“It Is All Lies-Game of Fortune III”, Donopoulos IFA, Thessaloniki
“It is All Lies-Game of Fortune II””, Zoumboulakis gallery, cataloque, Athens
“Guest Rooms", Sound-Visual walk with Alyssa Moxley, Athens
“New portraits”, Alma Gallery, Trikala, Greece
“It is All Lies”, State Museum of Contemporary Art - Center of Contemporary Art, catalogue, Thessaloniki
“Out of Season Encounters”…missing piece…”, Art-Beat Gallery, Brussels, Belgium


Learn to Swim, Zoumboulakis Gallery, Athens.
News from the Studios – A life-affirming show, Zoumboulakis Gallery, Athens.
"Games & Toys", Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens
“Democracy”, Curators: Y.Bolis-K.Kousoula. Yedi-Kule, Thessaloniki
“Prossalendi’s Britannia”, S.Curator: M.Rogakos, Contemporary Perspective Ionian Academy, Corfu
“20 PART Symphony” Contemporary works from the collection of S.M.C.A and M.M.C.A. Curators: Th. Misirloglou and Y.Bolis.M.M.C.A. Thessaloniki. Catalogue
“MEMORY OF THE REVOLUTION”. ASFA. Curator: Y.Bolis, Athens
“JOUET”, ALMA Gallery, Athens

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