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Poulantza Natassa

Poulantza Natassa

Natassa Poulantza was born in Hannover, Germany (1965). She currently lives and works in Athens and Berlin. She graduated (1992) from Athens Fine Art School’s Painting department under Professors I.Dekoulakos and Ch.Botsoglou, while attending the Etching workshop where she studies Wood Engraving, Brass Etching and Lithography. She held postgraduate studies (1992-96) at the Munich Academy’s Painting department, on the “Meisterschuele” title, under Professor Jurgen Reipka, on Sp.Vicatos three year’s scholarship. She is a member of the art group “Provo Principles”.


“It Is All Lies-Game of Fortune III”, Donopoulos IFA, Thessaloniki
“It is All Lies-Game of Fortune II””, Zoumboulakis gallery, cataloque, Athens
“Guest Rooms", Sound-Visual walk with Alyssa Moxley, Athens
“New portraits”, Alma Gallery, Trikala, Greece
“It is All Lies”, State Museum of Contemporary Art - Center of Contemporary Art, catalogue, Thessaloniki
“Out of Season Encounters”…missing piece…”, Art-Beat Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
“Invasion-Flanerie”, Art-Beat Gallery, catalogue, Brussels, Belgium
“Portraits”, Qbox Gallery, catalogue, Athens
“Spring”, Cheap Art Gallery, Athens
“Sea”, Cheap Art Gallery, Athens
“Thalassa”, Aka Munchen, Germany
“Thalassa”, Kulturmodell, Passau, Germany


Learn to Swim, Zoumboulakis Gallery, Athens.
News from the Studios – A life-affirming show, Zoumboulakis Gallery, Athens.
"Games & Toys", Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens
“Democracy”, Curators: Y.Bolis-K.Kousoula. Yedi-Kule, Thessaloniki
“Prossalendi’s Britannia”, S.Curator: M.Rogakos, Contemporary Perspective Ionian Academy, Corfu
“20 PART Symphony” Contemporary works from the collection of S.M.C.A and M.M.C.A. Curators: Th. Misirloglou and Y.Bolis.M.M.C.A. Thessaloniki. Catalogue
“MEMORY OF THE REVOLUTION”. ASFA. Curator: Y.Bolis, Athens
“JOUET”, ALMA Gallery, Athens
Small paintings (after D.Hockney). Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens
“Right to the Future” MISP - Museum of the 20th and 21st Century Art. Curators: Afrodite Oikonomidou‎-Marina Jigarkhanyan. St Petersburg, Russia
“In Narrative Tense”. ALMA Gallery. “Human - Nature – Justice” Tinos Festival. Curator: D.Gounari. Tinos
“Artists in Athens – City of Crisis” Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Berlin. Curators: Curators: H. Legewie- G. Eichinger. Berlin
“Requiem for Anthi”. Ikia Garipis. Mykonos.
“R E M I N D E R S, realized by Athens Intersection at “Old Paper Warehouse”. Athens “THE MEMORY OF REVOLUTION” Contemporary Artists - 100 years after the October Revolution. State Museum of Contemporary Art. Curator: Y.Bolis, Thessaloniki
“Art Athina 2016”, ALMA Gallery
“Encounters-Breathings”, Poetry meets Image and Sound. Αrtfacto gallery.
Brussels, Belgium
“Portrait cabinet”, Cheap Art space, Athens, curator: Y.Lintzeris
“Vandalism”, Cheap Art space, Athens, curator: N. Giavropoulos
“VIoletA”, day for the elimination of violence against women, KIMONO, Athens, curator: Guram Chachanidze
«A Room of One’s Own", Cube gallery, Patras
Provo Principles presents "EROICA" , Art Athina 2015” Platforms Project @ Art Athina
"In Red" Casa Bianca, Thessaloniki, curators: Y. Bolis, N.Bliatkas
“Tradition-Reversal”, Collegium Artisticum, (in the frame of Winter Festival), curators: K. Koskina, Y. Bolis, catalogue, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
“Transition”, Municipal Art Gallery of Athens, curators: Y. Bolis, Provo Principles, Athens
“SAVE”, CAMP! (Contemporary Art Meeting Point) – Pindaros, curator: G.Tserionis, Athens
“Tradition-Reversal”,, State Museum of Contemporary Art -Center of Contemporary Art, curators: K. Koskina, Y. Bolis, (central programme of the 4th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art), Thessaloniki
“Vanitas”, Church of St Rocco, curator: Y. Bolis, Chania, Crete
Affordable Art Fair Milano 2013, (participation with the Astrolavos Gallery, Athens), Milan
“Extraversion”, Sismanoglio Megaro, curator: Y.Bolis, Istanbul
“The distant relative of a blind man”, ABOUT space, curator: G. Tserionis, Athens
Justice is Mine, CAMP! (Contemporary Art Meeting Point), curators: G.Georgakopoulos, D.Georgakopoulos, Athens
Exhibition-Auction for A.S.K.I., Cultural Centre of Athens, catalogue, Athens
“The garden with the Illusions”, Cube Gallery, Patra
“Neither man is island, nor is a piece of art”, Cube Gallery, Patra
Art Athina, (participation with Artbeat Gallery, Brussels), catalogue, Athens
“Art and technology”, Olivepress Art factory,Curator. I. Archontakis, Chania, Crete
Art Athina 2010, (participation with the Artbeat Gallery, Brussels), catalogue, Athens
“Midnight in the garden of good and evil”, Elika Gallery, curator: E. Kanata, Athens
“The pursuit of happiness”, Danish Embassy, curator: Eleni Kypraios, Athens
“Personal-Political”, (parallel programme of the 2nd Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art Praxis. Art in time of uncertainty), curators: A. Leopoulou, T. Markoglou, catalogue, Thessaloniki
“Unexpected expedition”, (in the frame of ReMap 2, parallel programme of the 2nd Athens Biennale Heaven), curator: G. Tserionis, Athens
Art Athina 2009, (participation with the Artbeat Gallery, Brussels), catalogue, Athens
”Art+Nature” , Action 08, Villa Kazouli, curator: Yannis Bolis, catalogue Athens
”Silent dialogues” - Multimedia Portraits throughout time, A.C.G. – American College of Greece, curator: M.Rogakos, catalogue, Athens
”Which way to utopia? ”, Municipal Market of Kypseli, organized by D. Halatsis, K. Nasioka, Athens
”Colour Stories”, Art Base Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
Visual Arts in Greece, State Museum of Contemporary Art, curator: Haris Kambouridis, catalogue, Thessaloniki
”Affinities. Flowers in Greek art 1880-2006”, Show-room Alpha Bank and National Gallery-Alexandros Soutzos Museum, curator: I.Orati, E.Kypraios, catalogue, Nafplion]
”ARTmART” Kuenstlerhaus, Vienna. Curators G&D.Georgakopoulos, F.Mouzakitis, C.Rupp, L.Seidler. Austria
”Between earth &sky”,Τsatsis projects/ Artforum, Curator: A.Stoides. Thessaloniki
”Anathena”, Project Room, DES TE Foundation, curators: Marina Fokides, Marina Gioti, catalogue, Athens
”dt-minimum time”, Qbox Gallery, curator: Iliana Fokianaki, Athens

Monotypes Exhibition of Jurgen Reipka’s Workshop, Kulturmodell, Passau, Germany
Student Show, Aka Munich, Germany
Visual Intervention, Protest action in Athens Centre

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