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Bitsikas Xenofon

Bitsikas Xenofon

Born in Ioannina, Greece, in 1963.
He graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) in 1994. In 2000 he obtained his Phd degree at the Complutense University of Madrid, on a scholarship by the Greek state (his Phd Thesis was entitled ”Black and White as a visual arts composition”). Since 2000 he teaches Painting at the Department of Art Sciences of the University of Ioannina.
He was awarded Prizes in panhellenic and international painting competitions (1rst prize of the Spyropoulos Foundation competition, 1rst prize at the painting competition of the Foundation Ynglada Guillot etc.)
Works of his have been acquired by the National Gallery, the Fundació Ynglada Guillot Real Academia de Bellas Artes San Jordi in Barcelona, the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki, the Spyropoulos Museum, the Vorres Museum, the Frissiras Museum and at Felios Collection in Athens.
He has presented his work in solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.




Alma Contemporary Art Gallery, Trikala
Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens
Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens
Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens
Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens
Spyropoulos Museum, Athens


“Open–ended”, Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens, Curated by Georgia Liapi
The 80's Generation - Contemporary Greek Painting from the Sotiris Felios Collection, National Gallery - Alexander Soutzos Museum - Sparta Annex (Coumantaros Art Gallery), Sparta
Ellenico Plurale - Dipinti dalla Collezione Sotiris Felios, Complesso del Vittoriano, Rome, Italy (curated by Giuliano Serafini)
Moments of avant-garde, 85 works of postwar and contemporary art in the National Gallery of Greece, Athens, Greece
Between Reality and Fantasy- Paintings from the Sotiris Felios Collection, Giorgio de Chirico Cultural Center, Volos, Greece (curated by Irene Orati)
Tracing Istanbul, Istanbul & Gazi Technopolis, Athens, Greece
Human Measures, Melina Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens, Greece
Α pale shade of white, Bellonia Foundation, Santorini, Greece
New acquisitions of the National Gallery of Greece 1992-2006, Sifnos, Greece
New acquisitions of the National Gallery of Greece 1992-2006, Pinakothek of Patras, Greece
''The Portrait of a Museum'' Averoff Museum, Metsovo, Greece
''Sketching Dionysios Solomos'', Moschandreou Gallery, Mesologgi, Greece
''Birthplace'', Benaki Museum Pireos, Athens, Greece
''realia mundi'', Kydonieos Foundation, Andros, Greece
''New collections, 1992-2006'', National Gallery, Athens
''Crossing the Borders'', State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece
''Scarecrow'', Averof Gallery, Metsovo, Greece
''Suffering Body'', Rethymnon Centre for Contemporary Art, Crete, Greece
''In our Image after our Likeness'', Frissiras Museum, Athens, Greece
''Far-near-centre, 12 positions in contemporary Greek art'', European Patent Office και Galerie Francoise Heitsch, Munich, Germany
''Identity issues'', Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece
ART PARIS 2003, Paris France, with Zoumboulakis Galleries
Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki, Greece
Technopolis-Gazi, Athens, Greece
Averoff Gallery, Metsovo, Greece
Rethymnon Centre for Contemporary Art, Crete, Greece
'AD DAYS / ART DAYS', Technopolis-Gazi, Athens, Greece
''Body'', Municipal Cultural Centre of Ioannina, Greece
''The artists of Spyropoulos Museum'', Foundation of the Hellenic World, Athens
Communaute Francaise de Belgique, Brussels, Belgium
Winners of the Fundacio Ynglada Guillot competition, Real Academia de Bellas Artes San Jordi, Barcelona, Spain
Winners of the Europe Prize 1996 Competition, Museum of Modern Art, Ostend, Belgium
''Three Young Artists'', Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens
Prizes 1994 of the Spyropoulos Foundation, Spyropoulos Museum, Athens (1rst Prize)
Greek Embassy, Madrid, Spain
ASFA Graduates, National Gallery of Greece, Athens

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