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Kondosphyris Harris

Kondosphyris Harris

Harris Kondosphyris was born in Mitilini, Lesbos in 1965. He studied Film Directing at Hatjikou School in Athens, while in 1993 he graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts. Since 2007 he is a visitor teacher at the Department of Plastic Arts and Sciences of Art at the University of Ioannina.



New Wreck- Acting in the Lost Space, Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens
"Electric home", Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens
Confusion, in cooperation with Giorgos Tsakiris, Gallery Lola Nikolaou, Thessaloniki
Home Sweet Prison, Galerie3, Athens, Greece
Adorno in Love, Globe Gallery, Newcastle
Adorno in Love, February 2005, Galerie3, Athens (curator: Tereza de Arruda)
Athens-Beijing, Cheap Art gallery, Athens, Greece
Projection, Galerie 3, Athens
Koumantareios Art Gallery, Thea-tis (Her View), branch of the National Gallery of Greece in Sparta
Equators, Zographou Campus of the NTUA, (curator: Gogo Kolyvira)
Inflectors-Behind the mirror, Galerie3, Athens, Greece
Inflectors, Kalfayan Gallery, (curator: Katerina Koskina), Thessaloniki, Greece
Capricornus Caementum, Mylos Art Gallery, (curator: Haris Savvopoulos), Thessaloniki, Greece
Architecture Machine, Desmos Gallery, Athens, Greece


News from the Studios – A life-affirming show, Zoumboulakis Gallery, Athens.
"Games &Toys", Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens
‘Silent Dialogues, Multimedia Portraits Throughout Time', American College of Athens, (curator: Megaklis Pogakos), Athens, Greece
‘Transleat me’, Platform Translation’s core group, curator: Zoi Pappa, Athens
‘Games without frontiers’, Zoumboulakis Galleries, (curator: Thanos Stathopoulos), Athens, Greece
‘Visual Arts Panorama in Greece ΙΙ. Artistic innovation. Semiotics of the new era, Monastery of Lazariston, (curator: Harris Kampouridis), Stauroupoli, Greece
‘6th Shenzhen International Sculpture Exhibition’, He Xiangning Art
Museum, (curator: Feng Boyi) Shenzhen, China
‘Balkanart 07’, Presentation of the “Trauma Queen” exhibition (curator: Sava Stepanov) Novi Sad, Serbia
‘ARTmART’, Vienna, Austria
‘Birth Place’, Benaki Mouseum, (curator: Iris Kritikou) , Athens, Greece
‘Domicilliary tradition or uncoditional surrender’, Cheap Art, (curator: Gelly Grindaki), Athens, Greece
‘Trauma Queen’, Hotel Mediterranean, Omonoia Sq.-Athens (curators: Harris Kondosphyris, Zoi Pappa, Christian Rupp), Athens, Greece
‘Botanikos, 10+ installations’, (curator: Dora Theodoropoulou), Athens, Greece
‘Realia Mundi’, Kydoniaios Foundation, (curator: Athina Schina), Andros, Greece
‘Untitled exhibition against censorship’, Iasonos 4, Kerameikos, Athens, Greece
‘Restart, Art Athina 2007’, Galerie3, Athens, Greece
‘Switch on Switch off’, Art Space “Switch on” (curators: Ε. Maragaki, G. Papadopoulou), Athens, Greece
‘...a pineapple doughnut’, Municipal Market of Kypseli, Organization: Reconstruction Community, Athens, Greece
‘Ravelsbach Art Project’, Ravelsbach (curators: Isabel Cerwenka-Wenkstetten, Christian Rupp), Austria
‘The age of innocence’, Spilioti Projects, Athens, Greece
‘Wo(+)Man’, 5ο International Art Festival For Human Rights, Cultural Organization «Open Horizons», Cheap Art (curator: Costas Theonas), Athens, Greece
‘One Minute’, Alba Space (curator: Babis Dermatis), Athens, Greece
‘A Souvenir from Greece’, Spilioti Projects, Athens, Greece
‘4th European Social Forum’, Former West Airport, Athens, Greece
‘Erotica’, Spilioti Projects, Athens, Greece
‘Athens-Beijing’, 2nd Beijing International Art Biennale, Beijing, China
‘A4 Project’, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (curator: Artemis
Potamianou), Thessaloniki, Greece
‘Cheap Art 1995-2005’, Mylos Art Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
‘The Art Show’, Zina Athanassiadou Art Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
‘Art Athina 12 ’05’, Galerie3, Athens, Greece
‘Athens-Beijing’ (official representation of Greece), 26th Biennale of Sao Paulo, Brazil (Commissioner: Irini Savvani)
‘Artiade | Olympics of Visual Arts’, Public artwork, Olympic exhibition, Athens, organized by the Cultural Foundation Artiade e.V. (curator: Tereza de Arruda)
‘www.OdePindArt.gr’, Athinon Gallery, Athens, Greece
‘Athens by Art’, August 2004, Public artwork, Olympic exhibition, organized by the Municipality of Athens (curator: Irini Savvani)
‘Light between’ Diana Gallery Down Town, [curator: Fei Tzanetoulakou] Athens / Volos, Greece
E.U. 2003, Zappeion Megaron, Athens
Art Athina 10 ’03, Galerie3, Athens
War Art, Ios Art Gallery, Athens (curator: Kostas Kyriakakis)
The Big Inflector, Macedonian Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki
Purple Earth, Choros Technis “8”, Rethymno (curator: Maria Maragou)
People-Faces-Figures, Municipal Gallery “L. Kanakakis”, Rethymno
(curator: Maria Maragou)
Zero Point, Cheap Art 2002, Α. Antonopoulou Gallery, Athens
Undecided Bush, Cheap Art 2002, Athens
30cmx40cm, Aithousa Technis Athinon, Athens
Open Art, Lithography workshop on Piraeos St., Moschato (curator: Babis Dermatis)
Competition, Cheap Art gallery, Athens
The crew of another era, Battleship Averoff, Faliro (curator: Nephele Kontarini)
Maya, Pavlidis Estate, Paeania, Athens
Fyrogia 2001, Purple Earth, Sifnos (curator: Maria Maragou)
“The De Stail Couple”(1992), Christie’s (auction of the artwork), Athens
Ariston, Collective work with N. Kanagini, E. Protonotariou, A. Skourti, D. Christidi and M. Maragou, Centre for Artistic Creation, Rethymno, Crete
Chair-Mirror-Jewel, Galerie3, Athens
20 Inconceivable Objects, Cheap Art gallery, Athens
“Greek Artists 1962 – ”, “Small architectural machine No 760” (1992), Christie’s (auction of the artwork), Athens
Com-Panis-Companion, Desmos gallery, Athens
The Desmos Archive, Rethymno and Thessaloniki
The artwork the Metro will buy, Cheap Art gallery, Athens
Fyrogia 2000. Mannequins at the edge of their existence, Sifnos (curator: Maria Maragou)
24 Sunsets in Thasos, Galerie 3, Athens (curator: Eurydice Trison-Milsani)
Fyrogia 1999, Landslide on Sifnos, Sifnos
Celestial Machine, Cheap Art gallery, Athens
Relief Drawings, Cheap Art, Epikentro Gallery, Athens
New Acquisitions, Macedonian Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki (exhibition catalogue)

Relief Drawings, Cheap Art gallery, Athens
The metaphor of the screw, Theodosiadis Building, Piraeus. [curator: Gogo Kolyvira (exhibition catalogue)]
Pain-t, Department 15, Athens
IX International Sculpture Biennale, Skironeio Centre of Kifissia. (curator: Bia Papadopoulou)
Natura Mater Artis, EAT-ESA Athens (curator: Manos Stefanidis)
Wipe your feet, Antonia Havani Gallery, Corfu
Art Athina 3 ’95, Desmos Gallery, Athens (exhibition catalogue)
Art Athina 2 ’94, Desmos Gallery, Athens (exhibition catalogue)
100cmx100cm, Thema Gallery, Athens
Points of Contact, Citibank, Athens. (curator: Athena Schina)
Art Athina 1 ’93, Desmos Gallery, Athens (exhibition catalogue)
Exhibition of ASKT Graduates, National Gallery, Athens (exhibition catalogue)
Landslide, International Symposium on Marble Sculpture, Thasos (curator: Emmy Varouxaki)
Modern Art Object, Miraraki Art Gallery, Athens
Assault on the Senses, DESTE Foundation, Athens. [curator: Katerina Kafopoulou (exhibition catalogue)]
Barcelona ’87-Bologna ‘88, Municipality of Athens Gallery, Athens
Artio Gallery, Athens

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