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Pierson Jack

Pierson Jack

Jack Pierson is a contemporary American photographer.
A member of the so-called Boston School of artists, which included David Armstrong, Philip-Lorca di Corcia, and Nan Goldin, the group is credited with creating a unique style of documentary photography that captured intimate and casual moments between friends. Many of Pierson’s early models included nude men in this fashion, captured in erotic poses or simply passing the hours in the artist’s apartment.
Born on September 24, 1960 in Plymouth, MA, he received his BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art in 1984. Pierson has also received acclaim for his commercial magazine work, and has shot celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Brad Pitt, and Snoop Dog.
In 1994, the Whitney Museum of American Art hosted an exhibition dedicated to Pierson’s work, and in 2003, the artist debuted one of his most famous exhibitions, “Self-Portraits,” in which he depicted male models at different ages, cobbled into a fake diaristic timeline that created the impression of one man’s single life.
Pierson currently lives and works outside of Joshua Tree, CA.



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