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The website is the official e-shop of the company “Theodoros Zoumboulakis & Co” (henceforth “the Company”). All of the website’s contents (e.g. software, information, data, trademarks, logos, photographs, graphics, designs and any other distinguishing characteristics of all digital files in general) and the e-shop’s services constitute the Company’s copyright and are protected by Greek, EU and international laws regarding intellectual and industrial property.

Consequently, none of these elements of our website can be (in part or in whole) sold, copied, reproduced, modified, transmitted, published or distributed in any manner or through any means, unless the Company agrees in writing, as below mentioned.
Misleading the public in any way regarding the true owner of the website’s contents is forbidden.

Potential reproduction, publication, upload, declaration, transmission or distribution or any other use of the content, in any manner or through any means, for commercial or other purposes, is allowed exclusively following written permission by “Theodoros Zoumboulakis & Co” or any other potential copyright owner. By exception, isolated saving of part of the website’s contents on a personal computer, solely and exclusively for personal and not public or commercial use is permitted, provided that details proving the content originated from the present website are not deleted.

The names, pictures, logos and distinctive characteristics , which belong to / represent  third parties and are quitclaimed for? according the? use to in the context of their contractual relation and are their exclusive trademarks,  are protected by the relevant laws regarding intellectual and industrial property trademarks. Their appearance on the website cannot under any way be interpreted as transmission or permission to use them. Hence, the Company is not liable for the unfair use of third-party trademarks by others.


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