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“The Long, Unexpected, Enchanting Path”

“The Long, Unexpected, Enchanting Path”

“The Long, Unexpected, Enchanting Path”

The Zoumboulakis Galleries are proud to present a new body of work by Marina Karella.“The Long, Unexpected, Enchanted Path” is Ms. Karella’s fifth solo exhibition with the Zomboulakis Galleries in Athens.This group of new work is comprised of five large-scale oil paintings together with smaller related works: landscapes, portraits and an eclectic selection of work on paper, collage and watercolour.

Three years ago Marina Karella began a personal investigation of the dream environment and the path paved with oniric images.The seemingly random combination of flora, fauna and the human figure is in fact a culmination of the symbolic elements that Ms. Karella has relied upon throughout her career.
Her work in theatre comes through in the unusual and mysterious mise-en-scene that one discovers in these new paintings.

In spite of the multi-layered references and personal history, Ms. Karella’s relationship with light is always the continued and dominating factor: the dream light and the light of dreams.

The works on paper are her earliest form of investigation for this gesamtwerk and were first shown at the Karsten Greve Gallery in Paris in November of 2011.

As in dreams, all unusual and unexpected elements create a whole that one accepts without question.Let this be seen as the paradoxical side of these magical works.

A fully illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition.  The catalogue includes a surrealist short story of the same title, written by Michel de Grece, which underscores the narrative of Marina Karella’s works.
The proceeds of the show go towards SOS ELIZA Home.

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Karella Marina

Greek painter and sculptor, begun her career making costumes and scenary for the theatre and the cinema. In the 70’s she settles in Paris and then in New York where she meets Alexandros Iolas and shows her work in his Gallery. She leaves her 81st Green Street studio in the beginning of 2000 and returns back to Europe. Her works are to be found in Museums and private collections all over the world (Centre Pompidou, Paris-France, Menil Collection, New York- USA, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki- Greece, National Gallery, Ath...

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