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Vanessa Anastassopoulou – Eleni Theofilaktou

Vanessa Anastassopoulou – Eleni Theofilaktou

Zoumboulakis Galleries present, for the first time, an exhibition with mixed media drawings by Vanessa Anastassopoulou and Eleni Theofilaktou.

The series of works by Vanessa Anastassopoulou were made using pencils, watercolors and threads, on handmade paper. “They were created with attention to detail, that which mirrors our fragile and uncertain existence posing questions about our passage through space and time.

Once an image is conceived and registered, we try, over and over again, with japanese-like persistence, to decode it. It may then be that we have touched upon something. Thoughts, one may call them feather-like, are born from random notes and slowly, gradually, they turn into a statement”.

The works of Eleni Theofilaktou, as Thanos Stathopoulos writes, (mostly drawings with pencil and charcoal) “result from the work of the past five years. Through her personal locution and the particularity of her ‘clear’ expression, the artist transfers us to a familiar and yet at the same time unfamiliar world (real, imaginary, dreamy, phsychospiritual, sometimes transcendent but completely inner – that is, internalized), a world dominated by silence, by paradox, by an inverted daily routine, by surprise, by coherences, by an alarming sense or by the silence of the end. Small or large pieces of silence, pauses, facing the awareness of the inescapable, define forms, the awry imagery, the conditions and the surrounding space. Silence, either via prayer for the prevention of the imminent end, or via the complete acceptance of the end, constitutes finally the only armament against death”.

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