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Jannis Psychopedis presents his new solo exhibition “Biography”at Zoumboulakis Galleries. 13 portraits, acrylics on canvas, as well as various smaller, mixed media works, will be presented.

The artist ‘uses’ the portraits of important personalities to compose a sort of autobiography. As he notices himself: “the exhibition refers to personalities, special people among so many rightful, companions in difficult times. Personalities seen as course indicating compasses and measures of critic and self-critic. Pieces of an imaginary as well as real genealogical tree. A kind of tree which makes contemporary people feel that they don’t stand alone, that they share along with others an important intellectual legacy,  that the world within them is the processed imprint of the world around them and vice versa.

Persons that with their intellectual presence, their mental strength and their combative force, maintain, safeguard and suggest theoretical attitudes concerning the great contemporary ethical dilemmas. Persons that take on the responsibility to create their history, which is our history”.Along with the portraits, “images of a society in turmoil whose hollow roar announce in advance something unclear, always on the move, threatening and yet refreshing and promising, something that constantly changes, something that can be overthrown at any time. Something new, born in a dialectical relation with a past that comes back to the future”.

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Psychopedis Jannis

Jannis Psychopedis was born in Athens in 1945.
He received a scholarship to study Engraving in the Athens School of Fine Arts (1963-1968) and then completed a postgraduate degree in Painting (1970-1976) in the Munich Academy of Fine Arts with a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).
After completing his degree, he continued living in Germany as a guest of the City of W. Berlin Cultural Programme.
In 1994 he was elected professor of the Athens School of Fine Art. During the ‘60s he was member of the “A...

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