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Image and Illusion

Image and Illusion

Zoumboulakis Galleries present “Image and Illusion”, the latest solo exhibition by Giorgos Avgeros. Avgeros presents his3-dimensional landscapes, painted with charcoal and colour on successive transparent filmsurfaces.

“The works of Giorgos Avgeros –presented during the last years, comprise black and white landscapes, trees and prairies, forests and tree branches, images filled with light and a sort of wet atmosphere. The perfection and the beauty of nature inspire the artist and stir his creativity. The use of light, the shading and the perspective give a unique sense of depth and form, a distinct plasticity full of harmonies and contrasts.

Into his most recent works, the ‘figure’ appears giving the impression of a new reality which overturns the silence of the landscape and the given chromatic harmony of the work. The figure of a boy who peeps out of a thicket, the figure of a dancing child, the birds, the rabbit, all of the above add a transcendent character to the synthesis, referring to an imaginary – fairytale like world, maybe even this of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

[…] With his art and technique, the artist overbalances the classic representation of the realistic landscape and in his way he contributes to the renewal of representative painting which in his case takes a new dimension”.

Peggy Kounenaki

Exhibition catalogue

Press Release(download file)



Avgeros Giorgos (1953-2022)

Giorgos Avgeros was born in Chania in 1953. He receives his primary knowledge at the School of Designers G.Markoulakis, by his first teachers, the painters B.Kelaidis and A.Petroulakis. In the 70s he finds himself in Athens, in the studios of G.Vogiatzis and B.Korkovelou. In 1981 he’s headed for studies in Paris, whereas in 1982 he leaves it behind and settles in Chania where he works on sculptures and constructions for a long period of time.

Lately, painting was the dominant art in his work, which was very often combined with t...

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