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Big City

Big City

Big city, small city.
Realcity, fictionalcity…

The exhibition “Big City” presents aspects of the urban space as imagined or seen by artists who create with different means. Inside a space, that of Athens or the Gallery, real or imaginary landscapes which follow us, puzzle us, motivate us are presented.
Despite the successive changes, the city is not yet “abandoned”. It keeps on surrounding us. The exhibition does not have the role of a tribute. It attempts to reinvent in a creative manner the urban landscape and renegotiate the relationship of the citizens with their surrounding space.

Participating artists:
Diamantis Aidinis, Iannis Ganas, KA-KO Project (Aris Katsilakis & Harris Kondosphyris), Nikos Lagos, Myrto Stampoulou, Kostas Christopoulos and Daniel Egneus.

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