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Complex Signs

Complex Signs

Zoumboulakis Galleries present the solo exhibition of Aspassia Kouzoupi, entitled Complex Signs.

With respect to her educational background in architecture and her specialization in landscape and urban landscape, Aspassia Kouzoupi presents an art exhibition closely connected to the perception of space. This exhibition embodies the natural succession to the permanent installation of “deconstructed road signs” / road-scape artworks, created in 2005 at a junction of the Attiki Odos motorway, a work by the team “SCULPTED ARCHITECTURAL LANDSCAPES ®: Golanda + Kouzoupi”.

Aspassia Kouzoupi notes: “I have named as complex -referring to complex numbers- a part of our thoughts that has not touched reality or has almost touched it, which did not emerge as a fact on reality’s surface”.

The Complex Signs, a collage of photosensitive materials on aluminum, stir memories of the road landscape. Among the different artwork entities to be exhibited, there are works that can be placed outdoors, segmented works providing the possibility of internal re-arrangement, works which extend the geometry of road-motifs. The entity «OIDYSSEIS/Forbidden» explores common-places between the setting sun-disc and the «forbidden» sign. For some of her works, she uses for the first time phosphorescent materials, giving her works the ability to appear in complete darkness.

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Kouzoupi Aspassia

Asspasia Kouzoupi studied Architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, specializing in the landscape and the urban landscape at ETH in Zurich.
Candidate PhD in AUTh (supervised by Vana Tentokali), and undergraduate student at the Athens School of Fine Arts (teachers: Papaspyrou, Lazogas, Spiliopoulos, Tsalamata, Xagoraris). Co-Founder (2000) of the Sculpture ARCHITECTURAL LANDSCAPE ®: GOLANDA + KOUZOUPI group, with which she has been awarded international and Pan-Hellenic honors, such as: Finalist Rosa Barba Prize 2000 for...

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