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Small paintings 2017

Small paintings 2017
Zoumboulakis Galleries present the group exhibition Small Paintings 2017.
This year’s exhibition is inspired by the famous British painter David Hockney’s love to offer gifts to his friends. As mentioned at the last exhibition’s catalogue (Centre Pompidou, June –October 2017) every morning while in bed Hockney used to gather images of lovely flowers in his iPad and send them to all his friends. In addition, when one reads his biography finds that in December 1962 he was inspired by the Grimm Brothers’ fairytales and he created engravings as gifts to his family and beloveds for the Holydays.
The sense of “gift” is the central idea of this year’s Christmas group show. The joy of creating and offering a gift will hopefully pleasantly contribute to our festive disposition.
The purpose is for the artists to create their own “gifts” which the visitors of the exhibition will choose as gifts to their beloveds and family.
Participating artists:
Yiannis Adamakis, Diamantis Aidinis, Vanessa Anastassopoulou, Io Angeli, Alexandra Athanassiades, George Avgeros, Manolis Charos, Dimitris Efeoglou, Despina Flessa, Miltos Golemas, Christos Kechagioglou, Marina Karella, Jenny Kodonidou, Nikos Lagos, Kyriakos Mortarakos, Sophia Papacosta, Achilleas Papacostas, Philippos Photiadis, Natassa Poulantza, Ioanna Ralli, Roubina Sarelakou, Jannis Phycopedis.


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