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“Fairy Tales and Lies for Grown-Ups”

“Fairy Tales and Lies for Grown-Ups”

Zoumboulakis Galleries present “Fairy Tales and Lies for Grown-Ups” the first solo exhibition by Jenny Kodonidou. Small and large scale works painted with different materials compose her “dream-world”.

This fragmentary world constitutes of contemporary symbols, cartoon heroes, animals, human figures which function as references of the global art history (figures from the early-renaissance to rococo). The paper where the artist draws works as a tracker of stories and of real or unreal worlds. Painting manages to embellish even the ugliest or more irrational side of reality. Kodonidou’s art represents a painted collage which invites the viewer to decode and discover it.

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Kodonidou Jenny

Born in Athens. She graduated with distinction from the School of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, under the supervision of G.Golfinos. She also attended the scenography workshop of A.Vettas and the engraving workshop of M.Giannadakis. She received scholarships from the Rotarian club of Thessaloniki and the Institute of National Scholarships of Greece. The exhibition “Notes on ambiguity” is her second solo show presented at Zoumboulakis Gallery.

2006. Honorable mention (joint work with C.Karaoglani ...

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