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Wandering flights – At the edges of the world

Wandering flights – At the edges of the world

Zoumboulakis Galleries present “Wandering flights – At the edges of the world”, the latest solo exhibition by Christos Kechagioglou.

“…in all games, only the irrational faith in a rule transforms them into something serious and real”. Kechagioglou’s latest work follows his familiar drawing “rule”, though it alters subjects and occasionally pallet. The “edges of the world” are faraway landscapes which refer to the imaginary narration of voyages.

As he writes: “reality is an infinite ocean; and every white canvas, every white paper is the promise of a journey. We all expect something out of these white surfaces. I travel through them. Without a specific purpose or destination; and through this journey, a destination, an ending is slowly revealed. We stand at the edge of the mind. Memories, narrations and myths form a cluster which unfolds in different forms, unexpectedly, and draws on the white canvas a riddling interpretation of something existent. These are the wondering flights; and they are depicted in these works – the edges of the world. Sometimes they are reminiscence of something distant, a specific, isolated corner of this planet; sometimes they are tangled up with dreams and present faraway inner lands, equally real, which are yet to be discovered”.

Callendar including 12 paintings of the exhibition
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Kechagioglou Christos

Christos Kechagioglou was born in Thessaloniki in 1960.
He studied Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of Thessaloniki, cinema in Athens and postgraduate studies in philosophy at Paris I-Sorbonne. He has shown his work in 36 solo exhibitions and in, at least, 80 group shows in Greece and abroad. Works of him can be found in different collections such as the ones of the Vorres Museum, the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art and elsewhere.


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