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“in his underground island”

“in his underground island”

Zoumboulakis Galleries present an anniversary group show dedicated to the life and work of Dionysis Savvopoulos. 18 contemporary artists, born in the 1970’s and 1980’s, present their work in this retrospective exhibition.

Inspired by lyrics, songs, album titles, audio abstracts and musical experimentations of Savvopoulos, they celebrate his 70th birthday and his 50 years in the music scene, while attempting to introduce new ways of listening.

An interest to interact with other forms of art, apart from visual, enhanced a distinct conversation among these young contemporary artists, initiated by his work.

Participant artists:  Dimitris Anastasiou, Kleio Gizeli, Myrto Delivoria, Juliano Kagklis, Ifiyenia Kamperi, Theofilos Katsipanos, Lefteris Kiourtsoglou, Leda Kontogiannopoulou, Eva Marathaki, Nikos Moschos, Maria Bacha, Thales Papakonstantinou, Miltiadis Petalas, Achilleas Razis, Stefanos Rokos, Fanis Roumanias, Christina Sgouromiti, Kostas Christopoulos

You can see the calatogue of the exhibition here.

Press Release (download file)


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