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“Poetic Incidents” – “Notes on Ambiguity”

“Poetic Incidents” – “Notes on Ambiguity”

Zoumboulakis Galleries presents the art works of Christophoros Katsadiotis and Jenny Kodonidou,  including new paintings and engraving artworks from both artists.

The new work of Christophoros Katsadiotis titled “Poetic Incidents” is comprised of engravings made with the traditional technique of aquatint using tin matrixes for printing on paper. Katsadiotis isolates certain parts of the produced tints and rearranges them. In doing so, the artist makes new, unique works. The final prints are made of smaller or larger tint pieces stitched together in new compositions.

Katsadiotis’s engravings are his peculiar mental notes on the world. In his own words, he “dares a redefinition of the relationships and habits with each other and with ourselves.” He uses the transparent textures of the engravings and subtle colors in order to describe the refined “Poetic Instances” of his own raw truth.

In the works that comprise the “Notes on Ambiguity” series, Jenny Kodonidou makes use of a wide range of artistic practices like collage, overpainting, sketch and appropriation. Through these, Kodonidou is structuring an artistic language in order to narrate stories; memories; fears and expectations; dreams and nightmares.

The entirety of her work is a documentation of the emotions actuated by current sociopolitical conditions. According to art historian Katerina Constadinou, “the practice of assembling images from the artist’s personal life are interwoven with the chaotic compiling synthesis of past and present news data. By connecting seemingly miscellaneous images, she produces a wide range of emotions, capable of unsettling the roles of the perpetrator and the victim, thus alternating the position of the spectator between the two sides.”

Both artists provoke as well as invite the spectator to decipher the message embedded in their work, and thus rearrange his or her worldview.


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