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“Dreams & Symbols”

“Dreams & Symbols”

Zoumboulakis Galleries present the solo show “Dreams & Symbols” by Ioanna Ralli.

In her new body of work Ioanna Ralli exhibits photographic impressions of the humble and of the familiar. She constructs small sculptures out of simple material (string, thread, aluminum foil, paper molded with glue, wire, knitting wool, dry branches). Small creatures, simple people, scenes of everyday life, dressed in precious colours and fabrics are bathed in light and shadow and captured through the lens of an old 6×6 Haselblad.

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Ralli Ioanna

Ioanna Ralli was born in 1960 in Athens.
She studied Mass Communication (Bsc) at Boston University and Photography, Painting and Graphic Design at the New England School of Art and Design.
In 1986 she completed her Master degree (MFA) in Graphic Design at Boston University.
She has presented nine solo shows in Greece, while she has participated in many group shows in Europe and the U.S.A. Her works are to be found in private collections and museums.

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