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A journey

A journey

Zoumboulakis Galleries present Lena Apergi Koutsi’s solo exhibition “A journey” opening on Thursday, October 14th, until Saturday, October 30th, 2021. The artist will present two series of watercolors on paper, created within September and October 2019.

Following the tradition of landscape painting, realized outside of the artist’s studio, Lena Koutsi painted these series of works, while sailing on a traditional wooden boat in the course of a month. She painted every afternoon on the same time, right before sunset, between 6 to 8 pm.



In the first series of works, the landscape is dominant, and it alters accordingly to the light and the weather conditions. The sea as well as the rocky islets are depicted in a fleeting way, in various hues. According to the artist, “the human presence is a participant as well as an observer in the landscape. The world remains stable. Human is responsible for the ankle view they will choose. Nature does not question; nature is vast, it alters, it dominates. The artist’s view on nature is the one suitable for an observer-poet who knows how to transform a nature’s landscape to an idea, to an emotion”.


In the second series, consisting of 10 artworks, the human presence appears in the rocky scenery. The possibility of human to interfere in nature, recurs as a subject for probe and concern.



“The dialectical relation emerging from the diary of a smooth journey on the sea and from man’s harsh role to survive when the journey stops being friendly, constitutes the main interest of this series”.


Part of the exhibition profits will be provided for the support of ELIZA-Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.





In the course of the exhibition, there will be a video projection depicting the boat journey by Lena Richter.



Brief biographical note: Lena Apergi Koutsi worked at her early years with engraver Dimitris Papadimitriou, professor at the ASFA. Later on she worked in the field of Graphic Arts with Freddy Karabot and then in the K&K Office of F. Karabot and M. & A. Katzourakis as an associate. For more than 30 years she had her own firm under the title Lena Schina Apergi Koutsi, together with Nikos Saxonis. After 2000, Lena Koutsi presented solo exhibitions in various galleries (among them at Zoumboulakis Galleries in 2004), always showing watercolours.

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