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All I miss. Since forever.

All I miss. Since forever.

Zoumboulakis Galleries present the solo exhibition by Georgia Fambris titled “All I miss. Since forever.” on Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 8 pm.
Fambris presents a series of works, canvases, drawings, handouts painted on top, mixed media collages and marker painted papers.



In his text regarding the above series of works, Poka-Yio notes: “The domestic dramas presented by the artist frequently take place at the greatest danger locus of every house, at the counter top of the kitchen. Some also occur in the living room, with only witness, the tv screen. The terrifying [event] as well as the intimate, mix up creating a conceptional pink smoothie. The saturated color and the clusters of human shapes in disgrace create an iconography as exciting as atrocious. The eye stares the domestic dramas unfolded in front of it, uncovered and astonished, yet full of curiosity and voyeuristic, hunter’s like disposition. The building’s courtyard resonates whatever the colors used by Fambris cry out: we are the only eye-witnesses.

Fambris finds her emotional outlet in painting and this becomes apparent through her gestures as she “attacks” the canvas. Her painting is simultaneously an action-performance and a narration. Abstract and at the same time descriptive. She narrates common stories, originating from an unbearable, existential, domestic boredom. At the same moment everything is boiling under the superficial indolence. The artist is present within her works, dramatically involved in the clusters of the painted bodies, struggling like Laocoön to break free, only to find herself more balled-up, strangulated. We find ourselves wondering about her sentimental state while she paints. In excitation? In hypomania? Fambris flails like Virginia Woolf fighting the inevitable monster flowing from within. Tender and bruised loosens up the monster’s tentacles when she quits resisting them”.

Press Release(download file)

Poka Yio text

You may see here the exhibition catalogue.



Fambris Georgia

Georgia Fambris (born 1973, Genoa) studied painting and Byzantine hagiography at the School of the Holy Metropolis of Piraeus and has worked as a hagiographer in Greece, Cyprus and the United States.
Since 2012, her work has been transformed into abstract paintings that explore the female figure, in a dialogue with mainly detached shapes using pastel, acrylic paint and collages.
She has had 3 solo exhibitions and has participated in more than 20 group exhibitions at notable art exhibitions and museums in Greece and abroad, such a...

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