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Art on Boards | The Skate Project

Art on Boards | The Skate Project

Zoumboulakis Galleries and THE SKATEROOM are happy to present -for the first time in Greece- the Greek edition of the successful Art-For-Social-Impact project, Art οn boards | The Skate Project, that collaborates with high profile representatives of the contemporary art worldwide! Limited editions of the world’s biggest artists are on collective skateboards, each of them is supporting a social project!

Art οn boards | The Skate Project is birthed based on the idea that arts and the emphasis on sports can get marginalized societies interested in creative pursued in order to open a different view point that can bring joy and inspiration to their lives.

For the Greek project, we have invited 17 multidisciplinary, emerging & established, Athens-based artists to create collective artworks on 51 limited edition skateboards! Forming a group exhibition where the profits of which, will be donated to two not-for-profit organizations supporting youth at risk in Athens:

  • Free Movement Skateboarding supports and promotes the wellbeing, empowerment and social cohesion of youth in Athens through skateboarding. It builds community via skateboard sessions, operating inside refugee camps, community centers and children shelters. Its weekly skateboarding workshops focus on creating a safe place to welcome a diverse Athenian skate scene and society, with high female participations for the most isolated youth.
  • The charitable organization Mum Institute, focuses on the strengthening of the therapeutic framework and the social integration of youth living in institutional care, through educational activities based in art, food supply programs, professional empowerment as well as architecture and interior design renovations.
  • As well as, all the synergies that have already developed between the FMS and MI since the birth of Art on Boards, aiming to the development of happiness of children that have limited to zero access to public spaces and affordable entertainment.


According to a study on skateboarding culture from the University of South California in 2020 [1], skateboarding activities improve mental health, fosters community and encourages diversity. In Zoumboulakis Galleries we support this belief and for this reason we have introduced the vision of THE SKATEROOM to Greece since 2014.

Embracing the philosophy of skateboarding as an activity that can dissolve boundaries of gender, race, class, religion, and ethnicity, Art οn boards | The Skate Project encourages self-empowerment and diversity, transmitting that into art works, we aim to raise awareness and to support social projects through art.

 [1] Rossier School of Education and USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism


Participating artists:
Antonakis, Cacao rocks, Georgia Fambris, Stella Kapezanou, Vasilis Karouk, Peggy Kliafa, Vasiliki Koukou, Nikos Lagos, Olga Migliaresi-Phoca, Anastasia Papaleonida, Stefanos Rokos, Valinia Svoronou, Philippos Theodorides, The Callas, Pavlos Tsakonas, Jannis Varelas, Kyveli Zoi


Special Thanks to The Breeder Gallery & The Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery for the collaboration.

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