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As I walked out one morning…

As I walked out one morning…

Zoumboulakis Galleries present the solo show “As I walked out one morning” by the Swedish artist Daniel Egnéus.

Athens, through the artist’s eyes, is depicted in drawings and digital prints. Having as guideline his everyday itinerary from his home to his studio and backwards, Daniel Egnéus begun sketching his Athenian walks:  Pittaki Street, Athinas Street, Agias Eirinis Square, The Meat Market and a number of other streets. Through his drawings he searches the small details, the aftermath of the blue sky on the buildings, beauty’s charm and ugliness as well.

As he writes: “My working title for this exhibition has been ‘See Athens before you die, if you’re not killed by the heat, the cars will get you for sure’. But being still alive after all my obsessive promenading in Athens I changed it. (…)
The drawings and sketches are all everyday scenes, from people going about their daily lives to the ventilation system from hell in Praxitelous Street or my occasional trip to the port of Pireaus.”

Press Release (download file)
See the catalogue of the exhibition here.


Egneus Daniel

Daniel Egnéus was born in Sweden in 1972.
He has lived in various cities around the world and has been awarded as an illustrator from the British Association of Illustrators. He has collaborated with different companies such as Audi, Haagen-Dasz etc., while in 2012 he collaborated with the Athens Festival.


Click here to see the artist’s silkscreens and multiple editions on sale.

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