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“Beneath the sky”

“Beneath the sky”

Miltos Golemas presents “Beneath the sky”, his second solo exhibition at Zoumboulakis Galleries.
His new work recalls to the senses the textures and colours which have remained in his memory from landscapes experienced in the past. The exhibition includes both large scale and smaller works, oil and mixed media on canvas.

Images of the earth, indissolubly bound up in his own experiences and impressions are imprinted, almost in relief, on the canvases. Using a palette reminiscent of classical paintings, Golemas invites the viewer to wander through familiar landscapes. There is always a sense of a human presence, even when it is visible in the painting.

“The Earth, marked with human traces and charged with memories, is above all itself a living presence. Golemas’ new work is a sudden awakening beyond and above the visual experience. You feel the moisture in the air, you strain to catch the sound of the breeze brushing over the wheat, you smell the aroma of newly-dug earth, wander through those elements which rise up before you, like the scene of a theatrical performance: a moment spanning the before and the after, in which the artist conceives the image ”.

Brief Curriculum Vitae

Miltos Golemas was born in Athens in 1967. He took his first drawing lessons under N. Stefos. He graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts, where he was taught by P. Tetsis. Since 1991 he has participated in exhibitions held in foundations, museums and galleries. In 2006 he presented his exhibition “floating docks” at Zoumboulakis Galleries. The exhibition ‘Beneath the sky” is his third solo exhibition.

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Golemas Miltos

Miltos Golemas (b. Athens, 1967) started painting with N. Stefou before he studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts under the painter P. Tetsis. His works are part of many private and public collections like, the National Gallery of Greece Collection and the Emfietzoglou Collection. “Sunflowers” is his fifth solo presentation following: “Under Construction” Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens, 2017, “Under the Sky”, Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens, 2011, “Places of Rust and Salt”, Metamorfosi Art Gallery, Thessaloniki, 2008, “Floating Tanks”, Zou...

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