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Between the lines

Between the lines

Zoumboulakis Galleries present the exhibition “Between the lines”, a solo show by Sophia Papacosta.

The group of works presented –ink jet drawings on paper – deal with, as Sophia Papacosta offers, “… confinement and boundaries, of personal or social nature… fears and phobias that set limits to people and to their relationships with one another. Those boundaries can either serve as liaisons amongst people or contrary repel them”.

The human form in her works undergoes changes, from appearing confined it then almost completely dematerializes. “It is not clear if the figure is in fact itself the cluster we see or if it is solely surrounded by it. Ultimately, the question raised is whether, conditioned as such, the figure suffocates or is in fact kept safe?” The initial bulks dissolve and it is up to each individual viewer to decide to what extend the figure is either being liberated or just withers away.

Sophia Papacosta’s drawings present a most solid and complete body of work, all the while posing profoundly intertemporal questions about the human condition in a most subtle and humorous fashion.

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Papacosta Sophia

Sophia Papacosta (b.1985, Cyprus) holds a Bachelor Degrre in Fine Arts from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and a MA in Sequential Design & Illustration from the University of Brighton. She was a workshop leader at the “1st Experimental Lighting Workshop” in Athens 2011, and part of the teaching staff at the International Lighting Design Workshop “Rething the Night” in 2018. She has held four solo exhibitions in Greece and Cyprus, and she has presented her work in over 20 group exhibitions in museums and independent spaces inte...

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