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Black Boxes!

Black Boxes!

It’s time to open the black boxes!

100 words

100 numbers

100 screens

100 black boxes

1 message

And the countdown begins the shape and the rhythm of a time bomb…

The visual artist Danae Stratou presents her new project at Zoumboulakis Galleries. It’s an installation entitled “It’s time to open the Black Boxes!”.

In a period of multiple crises, the projects targets at activating a dialogue which will induce us to react in a collective manner against the immobility that “friezes” us. By opening the “Black Boxes” we symbolically light up the words which reflect what we are in danger of losing and need to rescue or what threatens us today.

Through the exhibition the viewer has the chance to actively participate. With the inducement of the artist Danae Stratou, the audience had the opportunity, via a specially formed blog, to participate in the evolution of the work, by offering a word and expressing symbolically his own manner of thinking and reaction. The participation of the world was great, as it overcame the 1000 word submissions.




Stratou Danae

The artist was born at 1964, in Athens, Greece.
She holds a BA (Hons) Fine Art – Sculpture, Central St. Martins College of Art and Design, London Institute (1983-88).
She teaches at the Athens Art School of Fine Arts (Masters of Fine Arts Degree).
In 2010 she initiated and co-founded the non-profit organization Vital Space. Vital Space is a global, interdisciplinary, cross-media art platform addressing the pressing issues of our time.

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