Zoumboulakis Galleries present “Doldrums”, the new solo exhibition by Yiannis Adamakis.

According to the artist: “The term ‘doldrums’ is a meteorological term referring to those parts of the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans around the Equator. It is a totally calm zone of low pressure.

In the doldrums, winds often pause, trapping sailboats for days or even weeks.

One could use this term to describe the point when complete immobility dominates. The exact moment before or after something happens; the encapsulation, the halt of time. It is after all the break between a sequence of events, which isolated; acquires an autonomous, dramatic character.

I use the nautical term in the narrative of events. In addition I refer to the pause that relieves my personal narration, to my breath against the sequence of events which define my everyday life.

I start by presenting nautical themes as an obvious reference to the term ‘doldrums’, themes charged with memories and marine experiences. And then I expand to images depicting street scenes, bars, train stations, interiors…

All these works are related with the idea of setting the limit of the moment implied, the moment that warns us, that experiences the transitory sobriety of events to come”.

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Press Release (download file)


Adamakis Yiannis

Yiannis Adamakis was born in Piraeus, Greece, in 1959.


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