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Inaugurating a very bright New Year, we are inviting you to an unforgettable walk under the endless sunshine of the eternal springtime in Athens! Log in, and enjoy the aromatic flowers, taste the rare fruits and explore the various species of plants that we are cultivating with such care and joy over the last months in our living rooms!

Responding to the most fruitful and mutand winter of our time, Zoumboulakis Gallery has created the first indoor botanical garden in the heart of the city center. A surreal approach to the current reality in Athens and the winter that never came.

Participating artists – gardeners: Diamantis Aidinis, Roman Cadilhon, Lea Collet & Marios Stamatis, Bryony Dunne, Georgia Fambris, Maria Filopoulou, Despina Flessa, FYTA, Miltos Golemas, Giorgos Gyparakis, Labrilena Konstantelou, Timothy Laskaratos, Yorgos Maraziotis, Melina Mosland, Achilleas Papacostas, Stefanos Rokos, Myrto Stampoulou, Philippos Theodorides, Nikos Tranos.


Co-curated by: Georgia Liapi & The Gallery’s gardeners

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