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Learn to Swim

Learn to Swim

Zoumboulakis Galleries present the group exhibition “Learn to swim”.


Human evolution is tight to the element of water, to the endless fluidity of movement from the sea to the shore, from floating to walking. The action of moving the body in acceleration once it is found in a liquid environment, in other words ‘swimming’, is a primordial instinctive reaction for humans originating from fetal age, marking swimming as an action that comes naturally to humans prior to the need for walking. Could this deeper instinct be considered as part of the evolutionary process?

The conceptual reference to the term of swimming, in order to describe a difficult situation, is not a rare phenomenon. That, expands swimming far beyond the body’s natural reaction and exercise, to a cognitive system of dealing with difficulties and perceiving reality; raising the question, is swimming synonymous with learning? This is the question the group exhibition “Learn to swim”, borrowing its title from the homonymous work by Nikos Moschos, will attempt to find an answer to. Playfully and in a reflective atmosphere of the season that is concluding, the gallery’s artists are employing different approaches to the concepts of evolution and experimentation, with a refreshing view that invites the viewer to dive into their works, reminding us that we must never stop swimming!

Participating artists:

Adamakis Yiannis, Anastasopoulou Vanessa, Angeli Io, Athanassiades Alexandra, Avgeros Giorgos, Charos Manolis, Filopoulou Maria, Kodonidou Jenny, Koukou Vassiliki, Moschos Nikos, Papacosta Sophia, Poulantza Natassa, Psychopedis Jannis, Ralli Ioanna.

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