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Sofia Kalogeropoulou, well known to a wide audience for her “Naif” painting style, is presenting a series of works under the title “Mythologein”.

The painter adopts the “Naif” style, which is used to describe the work of self-taught artists, for its directness and genuine, natural expression. Like children, she releases her endless imagination on canvas and creates images full of colour, that are reminiscent of folk art embroidery.


“Mythology”, as the artist comments, “is the historical memory of peoples, and thus becomes much more trustworthy than the human, perhaps biased, documentation of the facts that we know as History. It can express itself in a surrealistic way under the reassuring disguise of ‘Naiveism’, and also at the same time expand into time until today and much further…”

“A game of backgammon between Polyvotis and Poseidon at the Nisyros town square”, “The creation of Santorini from the sand of Libya, carried by the Argonauts”, “The daughters of Anios – Oino, Spermo, Elais – in their dovecotes”, “The first beauty contest in mythical Arcadia”, “Fun-fair of mythological beasts”, and “The Trojan horse as a toy-horse”, are some examples of the exhibition themes. The titles themselves convey the important role of narrative in Sofia Kalogeropoulou’s painting, as well as her positive view on life.

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Kalogeropoulou Sophia

Sofia Kalogeropoulou was born in Athens in 1946.
She graduated from the American College of Greece and studied Law and Socio-political Sciences in the University of Athens. She also studied Music at the Athens Academy of Music and at the Opera Studio in Vienna. She performed as a soloist in the Vienna State Opera during 1976-77 using her maiden name Sofia Mazaraki. She is a self-taught painter. Her first appearance as a painter was in 1990, and since then she has had many solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.
She exhib...

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