Zoumboulakis Galleries present the new solo exhibition of Yiannis Adamakis, “Nocturnes”.

The latest, highly personal series of works by Yiannis Adamakis describes a world on the edge. “Nocturnes”, because they show night-time subjects and places; “Nocturnes” also because of their connection to the world of dreams—an imaginary, subconscious world—and the place where hidden thoughts and desires, frustrations and expectations manifest themselves. The artist invites viewers to retrieve their own innermost thoughts, to seek out their own parallel stories as they wander around the world of the works.

As Adamakis himself writes about this series of works:

“The night, the music, the gazes, the scent of a presence. The low lights that dazzle us sometimes.

These are my images. I’ve experienced them; I’ve smelt them; I’ve touched them.

Sometimes I narrate painterly or anecdotal events, in obsessive detail. At other times I just hint. Sometimes I expose myself, sometimes I deceive.

It is not my intention to tell a specific story. Indeed, that would be naïvely personal. I stop at some dark hints. Ultimately, I prefer to let viewers live their own story through my works; to listen to their own reality”.

The exhibition features approximately twenty acrylics on canvas.

Brief CV:

Yiannis Adamakis was born in 1959 in Piraeus.

He has presented his work in 32 solo and numerous group exhibitions in Greece, Belgium, France, Germany, Cyprus, Poland, Russia and Turkey, among which the international Art fairs: “Αrt Athina” (Athens), “Art Jonction” (Nice, France), “Lineart” (Ghent, Belgium), “Art Paris” (France) and “Art Thessaloni” (Thessaloniki).

He has participated also in three international art meetings in Cherepovets (Russia), Bielefeld (Germany) and Kuşadası (Turkey).

His latest solo exhibition in Athens was held at Zoumboulakis Galleries in 2013.

He has published texts in magazines, newspapers and art catalogues.

He lives and works in Athens.

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Adamakis Yiannis

Yiannis Adamakis was born in Piraeus, Greece, in 1959.


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