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Once upon a time…

Once upon a time…


Once upon a time…Zoumboulakis Galleries present a group exhibition about the story of its artists and their past exhibitions. It is a story narrated by works of art each of which determined in its own way their history. Each separately and all together, compose a unique narration.



The exhibition visitors will have the opportunity to remember moments through works presented in the past and see works which narrate part of the artists’ course throughout the years.

Since the works exhibited are considered a part of the artists’ older work, and they are exhibited once more after a long time, they become narrative traces and memory imprints, acquiring a collectible character.

Works by will be exhibited: Adamakis Yiannis, Aggeli Io, Aidinis Diamantis, Akrithakis Alexis, Alexiou Nikos, Athanassiades Alexandra, Avgeros George, Bitsikas Xenophon, Bokoros Christos, Charos Manolis, Christopoulos Kostas, Chyssa, Filopoulou Maria, Golemas Miltos, Gyparakis George, Karella Marina, Kechagioglou Christos, Kodonidou Jenny, Kondosphyris Harris, Kottis Yiannis, Lagos Nikos, Lambert Harry, Lazongas George, Moralis Yiannis, Mortarakos Kyriakos, Nikolaou Nikos, Papacostas Achilleas, Poulantza Natassa, Psycopedis Yiannis, Ralli Ioanna, Sakayan Edouardos, Stefanidaki Katerina, Takis, Tranos Nikos, Xenakis Cosmas, Zongolopoulos George.

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