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Patrick Butler | «The Joy of You»

Patrick Butler | «The Joy of You»

Live music by Xylaroo on the opening!

Zoumboulakis Galleries present the solo show of Patrick Butler titled “The Joy of You”. The exhibition will showcase the work of the artist and will be on display from May 29 to June 2, 2018.

As the Art Historian Gary Bassett writes: “The work in this exhibition, like much of Patrick’s work in recent years, embodies the distillations of experience, perceptions, knowledge, ideas, passion, humour and desire, brought together by a complex of formal devices, luxurious colour, sensual, tactile qualities and enigmatic titles.

Colour applied layer upon layer allowing parts to be revealed and others hidden.  Yet we become aware of the existence of the hidden and their part in the painting.  The paintings do not indulge in the security of appearance, yet their simplicity and complexity give us access to a view of the multifaceted nature of our reality.

Painterly and linear overlays entwine creating surfaces that invite us to take part in a complex dialogue on many levels ranging from the decorative to the formalist and the metaphysical.

Their titles, often humorous, can draw us into deeper contemplation of what lies beneath the surface where glazes shift mesmerically”.


Xylaroo sisters, Holly and Coco 23 are a product of their own environment. What makes them totally at odds with everyone else, however, is that their environment has been constantly shifting since day one. You could say they’ve been “on the road” their whole lives.

Jenny Lewis Nina Simone, Edith Piaf and Dolly Parton are cited as major influences.

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Butler Patrick

The artist lives and works in Medway in UK.

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