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Sea Through

Sea Through

Zoumboulakis Galleries present the solo photo exhibition by Marina Vernicos, entitled “Sea Through”, curated by the Art Historian Anna Chatzinassiou.

Marina Vernicos’s new body of work consists of a series of photographs and video-projections, depicting seascapes. She photographs seascapes around the world using various exposure times and degrees of focus. The images, if not for their attributive titles (Poliaigos Sifnos – Greece, Malo, Vanuatu – Papua New Guinea, Honiara – Solomon Islands), are completely unidentified. Her expressionistic photographs do not allow the viewer neither to guess the location where the photo was taken, nor to understand where she has supported her camera in order to choose or to exclude a particular vision angle. She depicts the variability of environmental conditions –time of day, weather conditions– demonstrating it unaffected of its geographical location.


By shooting a photograph, Vernicos isolates this moment in time, which ‘friezes’ fadeless in eternity. Within the photograph, there’s the real time running, but simultaneously, the photographic time evolves and captures this moment that will remain everlasting. Her photographs do not give the impression that they capture time; on the contrary, they are prolonging it or creating their own time. A picture of the sea is itself the record of conscious memory, a moment of an instant. The sea challenges the human powers of observation, while at the same time creates a familiar play of imagination.

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Vernicos Marina

Marina Vernicos was born and raised in Athens, Greece.
She studied Communications and Photography at Emerson College of Boston and Business Administration at Harvard University Extension School. She showcased her first individual exhibition, titled “Reflections”, in November 2001, at Athinais Cultural Center.
She staged a number of other individual exhibitions in Athens, Thessaloniki and New York. In January 2006 she participated in a group exhibition in the Museum of Cycladic Art.
Her first book “Through the lens of time”,...

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