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“Terre des hommes”

“Terre des hommes”

Zoumboulakis Galleries proudly presents on Thursday 24 September the new exhibition of paintings by Yiannis Adamakis.

“Terre des hommes”, the autobiographical book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, is the incentive for the artist’s latest work.

The exhibition is not an illustration, born while reading “land of men”. It is a dialogue, a communion, leading to the enactment of the painter’s personal icons. It is actually his own trip within the world.

The connection between the airplane and the pilot, its technical as well as aesthetical evolution, the point of view from above, the memories, the stories of men and the land, provide the resultants for this journey.

Brief Biographical Note:

 Yiannis Adamakis was born in Piraeus in 1959. Since 1987 he has been presenting his work in solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. This is his third solo show at Zoumboulakis Galleries.

His paintings belong to collections in Greece, France, Germany, the USA, the Municipal Galleries of Athens and Kalamata, the Vorres Museum, the Macedonian museum of Contemporary Art, the Collection of the Kapodistrian University of Athens, a.o.

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Adamakis Yiannis

Yiannis Adamakis was born in 1959 in Piraeus.
He has presented his work in 33 solo and numerous group exhibitions in Greece, Belgium, France, Germany, Cyprus, Poland, Russia and Turkey, among which the international Art fairs: “Αrt Athina” (Athens), “Art Jonction” (Nice, France), “Lineart” (Ghent, Belgium), “Art Paris” (France) and “Art Thessaloni” (Thessaloniki).
He has participated also in three international art meetings in Cherepovets (Russia), Bielefeld (Germany) and Kuşadası (Turkey).
His latest solo exhibition in Ath...

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