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“The End”

THE END (once more)

“The End”
Nikos Alexiou represents Greece in the 52nd Venice Biennale with the work “The End”, a modular installation inspired by the floor mosaic in the Catholicon of the Iviron Monastery on Mount Athos (10th-11th c. AD).
Concurrently, on November 8 2007, he will exhibit under the same title at Zoumboulakis Galleries (20 Kolonaki Square) a series of large-scale prints (on archival paper) of the digitally manipulated representation of the floor mosaic.
The valuable material (photographs, drawings, etc.) from the creative evolution of the work THE END, Athens-Venice 2007, will be included in a special limited edition book, created and signed by the artist. The book will be available from Zoumboulakis Galleries and selected bookstores.
Yorgos Tzirtzilakis, commissioner / curator of the Hellenic participation in the 52nd Venice Biennale, comments in the exhibition catalogue: «Alexiou belongs to that generation of artists who, during the 1980s, expanded the object of art into the realm of installation… He turned from the outset to a fragile and ephemeral world which he introduced into the artistic language, setting the obsessive use of non figurative grids, patterns, decorations and repetitive structures as a kind of existential metaphor».



Alexiou Nikos (1960-2011)

Nikos Alexiou was born in 1960, in Rethymno (Crete). Initially, he studied at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Vienna (1982-1983) and then at the Athens School of Fine Arts, at K. Grammatopoulos’ s engraving workshop.

His first solo exhibition (Desmos gallery, 1985) with compositions made from natural materials (stone, wood, mud etc.) derived from his own research on primal human constructions. As his work evolves, his interests grow around natural phenomena, mainly towards the motion and the reflections of light, the spectrum of ...

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