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Yiannis Psychopedis ENCOUNTER Kiki Dimoula

Yiannis Psychopedis ENCOUNTER Kiki Dimoula

Yannis Psychopedis’ new paintings are presented in Zoumboulakis Galleries from March 8th until April 5th 2007. The works were created especially to illustrate the anthology of poems by Kiki Dimoula, entitled “Yiannis Psychopedis ENCOUNTER Kiki Dimoula”, published by Ikaros Publishing Company.


The selection of poems from the complete works of Kiki Dimoula was made by the painter himself, who added his work as the outcome of an inspirational dialogue with the poet. The book is incorporated in the tradition of editions where major Greek painters meet our great poets.

In the foreword of the book, Yiannis Psychopedis’ comments: “… The flow of poetry and that of painting resemble two vigorous rivers that run parallel, each one with its own stream and its own spring, that nevertheless connect deep down into the earth and derive from one and the same common source… The more painting and poetry are their true self, the more they are able to comprehend each other and depict the profound spiritual landscape, the common ground that connects them, the ground on which they blossomed…”

Press Release(download file)

Exhibition Text in Greek(download file)




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