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Giorgos Avgeros Paintings

Giorgos Avgeros Paintings

Zoumboulakis Galleries presents new work by Giorgos Avgeros from 19 April until 12 May 2007.

Avgeros combines the two-dimensional element of painting with the three-dimensional element of construction, in order to illustrate the basic features and the volume of trees within nature.


The form of trees is composed by the use of transparent layers, each one featuring different parts of the subject matter, and by the addition of plexiglas and copper pieces to depict the structural parts.

All of these elements, placed one on top of the other in a transparent box, constitute the complete image of the tree. This technique adds depth to the image and embodies the clear light that permeates the trees.

Dimitris Andreadakis comments in the exhibition catalogue: “through abstraction the artist creates a new visual image, which does not realistically reflect appearance, but resonates the actual connection between what we see and what is intrinsic in us”.

Short biographical note:

Yiorgos Avgeros was born in1953 in Chania, Crete, where he currently lives and works. Since 1973 he has been showing his paintings in group shows, and from 1990 until today he has also been creating sculptures and constructions. His works have been exhibited in solo exhibitions in Athens and Chania.

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Avgeros Giorgos (1953-2022)

Giorgos Avgeros was born in Chania in 1953. He receives his primary knowledge at the School of Designers G.Markoulakis, by his first teachers, the painters B.Kelaidis and A.Petroulakis. In the 70s he finds himself in Athens, in the studios of G.Vogiatzis and B.Korkovelou. In 1981 he’s headed for studies in Paris, whereas in 1982 he leaves it behind and settles in Chania where he works on sculptures and constructions for a long period of time.

Lately, painting was the dominant art in his work, which was very often combined with t...

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